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1) Why my photo is not yet approved?

We try to do a different job from other dating apps to combat fakes and offer our users real networking opportunities and more security. You will notice that we do not have profiles with pictures of the internet, drawings, landscapes and others that only occupy space or that try to deceive those who look for a relationship or real encounter.
The 24 hour deadline is a maximum time and is important for us to complete our audit processes. Usually approval takes place in a few hours.


2) Bear4Me - How to change your username?

Sorry! It´s not possible!


3) Bear4Me - How to change my main photo?  


4) Bear4Me - How do I post a video on my profile?  


5) Bear4Me - How can I make my profile appear more in searches?  


6) Bear4Me - How to set the location of the guys I want to meet?  


7) Bear4Me - How to stop or choice e-mail notifications?  


8) Bear4Me - How to change your e-mail?  


9) Is it worth to sign Super Powers?

Only with SuperPowers can you more. Click here to know what you can access.


10) Bear4Me - How to make your profile invisible?  


11) Bear4Me - How to delet your profile (permanently)?